What type of homes do you offer?

Answer : We offer private residence serviced apartments for short term and long term stay. We also offer spaces for parties, offices and meetings that are provided with modern amenities.

How long can I rent for?

Answer : For as long as you like! There is no maximum period to stay at the apartments, if you need to be at the apartment for as short as three days and as long as three months, we can offer you comfortable short term accommodation.

How much does it cost?

Answer : The lettings are offered at an attractive rate depending on the time of the year, length of stay, the rate can be easily calculated on any of the apartments on the website.

Do I pay a damage deposit?

Answer : Yes, most properties require a damage deposit. The funds may be used to replace damaged items or can be used for remedial cleaning if required.

What is included in the rate?

Answer : Utilities and property expenses such as gas, electricity, water, Internet services, e.t.c.VAT is not included.

Can I rent an apartment on the website?

Answer : Yes, we have apartments for rent, sale, short term stay and long term stay.